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Enhancing skills in Diagnosis Management and Prognosis to improve outcomes in Peripheral Nerve Injury

Session outline

Electrodiagnosis and Ultrasound are diagnostic tests but what if you could harness their true potential to improve outcomes in your patients with (peripheral nerve injury) PNI . This workshop will help you do just that.

This session will address a practical and up to date evidenced based approach to assessment of nerve injury, using the diagnostic tools of electrodiagnosis and Ultrasound (US) in a workshop environment with a focus on teaching practical skills, and improving knowledge and interpretation of the electrodiagnostic findings, US imaging, in order to assist in prognosis, and outcome in PNI.

One challenging area that will be addressed is an approach to improve neuropathic pain management post PNI. The session will develop a collaborative group based algorithm in the management and treatment of neuropathic pain in PNI

Learning outcomes

  1. Assess patients with PNI affecting peripheral nerves and teach using real life case examples on how to interpret electrodiagnostic testing and its importance to prognosis.
  2. Integrate the principles, of electrodiagnostic assessment, imaging and surgical options into the management and outcome of complex nerve injuries
  3. Teach and Illustrate a “hands on” US imaging protocol and how US can change your practice to improve real time knowledge in the management of nerve pathology. Using point of care technology and the the US machine to improve treatment and outcomes
  4. Nerve Injury and Neuropathic Pain: a practical group developed treatment algorithm in the management of nerve injury pain …… you’ve tried Gabapentin and Pregablin now what?

Target audience

Medical Practioners, Students, Trainees, Allied Health. Limit to 60 participants to allow for hands on and group discussion ie. practical tips/tools