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Hand and Wrist Ultrasonography in Outpatient Physiatry Clinic: Case-Based Approach to Hand and Wrist Pathologies

Session outline

This is a hands-on demonstration and practice session to optimize the utilization of hand and wrist ultrasonography (US) in an outpatient physiatry clinic. Physiatrists often encounter painful wrist and hand conditions attributed to a wide spectrum of pain generators of musculoskeletal (MSK) or neurovascular structures. This session will cover the practical anatomy, palpation-based approach to hand and wrist pathologies, US findings, and physiatric interventions using case examples followed by hands-on practice. Optimal care of hand and wrist pathologies requires knowledge of precise surface anatomy, sonoanatomy, and interpretation of abnormal US findings of the hand and wrist pathologies. Physiatrists are enthusiastic about learning US skills but there is a limited opportunity to apply US skills in treating wrist and hand pathologies.

This session will be valuable for physiatrists to acquire practical surface anatomy correlating with US verification, up-to-date knowledge in clinical applications of US, hands-on skills in the diagnosis and interventions, tips on residents and medical student educations, and limitations/practical tips of US applications in the hand and wrist pathologies commonly encountered by physiatrists at the outpatient clinic. 

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn concise information on wrist and hand pathologies commonly encountered at outpatient physiatric clinics and evidence-based application of MSK US in common hand and wrist pathologies.

Participants will be able to more appropriately utilize MSK US based on clinical examination (palpation-based approach) to manage common hand and wrist pathologies and use it as an educational tool in the outpatient clinic.

Participants will acquire practical MSK US skills with constructive feedback. Hands-on practice with experienced physiatrists can help participants recognize common pitfalls in scanning hand and wrist structures. Participants can optimize the clinical examination and diagnostic skills of hand and wrist pathologies using MSK US.

Target audience

  • Medical practitioners
  • Students
  • Trainees