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Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine international exchange. The visitor and the host experience

Session outline

International exchange. The Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) visitor experience The visitor of each ISPRM world region reports his/her type of visitor, either PRM trainee or physiatrist, country of origin, and hospital of the PRM training or PRM working place. The visitor reports the type, goal, and duration of the visit, either an education or another learning or research experience. The host facility name, town, and country where it is situated, the settings visited at the host facility, the access to assessment tools and the therapeutic techniques are reported. The visitor informs whether he/she has/had financial support for the visit. The visitor acknowledges the impact of the education or another learning or research experience, in his/her PRM education or professional activity. The visitor may add recommendations to hosts and other potential visitors.

International exchange. The PRM host experience: The host of each ISPRM world region reports the name of the host PRM facility, the town and country where it is situated, and his/her position in the PRM facility. The host reports the type and duration of accepted visits, either education or other learning or research experiences, and the available PRM settings and resources at the host facility. The host informs whether there is any kind of support for the visit, at the PRM facility. The host acknowledges the impact of these visits on the PRM facility’s functioning and in his/her professional experience. The host may add recommendations to candidates for oversea PRM education programs or other learning or research experiences.

Learning outcomes

Learn about

  • the experience of visitors and hosts in PRM or Rehabilitation Medicine (RM) international exchange.
  • the met and unmet expectations and needs of visitors and hosts, and if there might be any pathway to reach the goal.

Contribute to promote international exchange with the expectation of broaden education or learning or research in PRM or in RM

Target audience

  • Allied health
  • Medical practitioners
  • Students
  • Trainees
  • Nursing staff
  • General public 
  • Trainees
  • Medical practitioners